Thursday, October 11, 2012


Radio Canada International: 17820 kHz,
1630 hrs to 1645 hrs GMT log this station on
20th November, 1976.

Radio Canada International: via SLBC Ekala, 15120 kHz, 1115 hrs to 1130 hrs GMT log on
4th January, 1981.

Radio Canada International: via Ekala,
15120 kHz, 1115 hrs to 1145 hrs GMT log
 this station on 7th January, 1979.

Radio Canada International: 15120 kHz,
1115 hrs to 1135 hrs GMT log this station
on 1st July, 1979.

Address: Radio Canada International,
                P.O. Box 6000/C.P. 6000,
               Canada H3C 3AB.

 Radio Canada International:
Special transmission, 21660 kHz,
0955 hrs to 1015 hrs GMT log
on 27th August, 1972.

 Radio Canada International: via Kurming
relay(China), final day broadcast, 1532 hrs to
1557 hrs UTC log on 24th June, 2012.
v/s Bill Westenhover.

CFRX Shortwave: 6070 kHz,
1525 hrs to 1540 hrs UTC log this station on 27th July, 2011, f/d QSL card arrived on 12th August, 2011.
v/s Stephen Canney.

Address: CFRX Shortwave,
                2 St. Clair Ave West,
                Toronto, Ontario,

CBC Radio Nord Quebec: 9625 kHz, 1520 hrs to 1540 hrs UTC log on 2nd March, 2012, f/d verification letter received on 13th April, 2012 for my email report.

Address: Nathalic Chamberland,
                Radio-Canada Nord-Quebec,
                CBC North Quebec,
E-mail: nathalie.chamberland@radio-


Gander Radio Volmet - Gander, Newfoundland: 6604 kHz in USB mode in English at 0020 hrs to 0030 hrs UTC log this VOLMET station on 28th July, 2015 and f/d eQSL received just after 2 hours for my email report to:

Address: Gander Radio Volmet,                                            E-mail:
                Gander, Newfoundland,

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