Thursday, July 25, 2013


Radio Ergo - Dhabbaya, United Arab Emirates: 13685 kHz, 0832 hrs to 0928 hrs UTC in Somali language log on 21st July, 2013 and confirm email received from Louise Tunbridge on 24th July, 2013 for my email report without any RP.

Address: Radio Ergo,
                   Programme Manager,
                   Radio Ergo/IMS Productions Aps,
                   C/o FAO Somali Compound,
                   Ngecha Road, Lower Kabete,
                   Nairobe, Kenya.

About Radio Ergo

Radio Ergo is on air every day across the Somali-speaking region with original humanitarian news and information in Somali gathered by our unique network of 20 locally based correspondents.
Our focus is on providing a flow of communication between Somali communities and the humanitarian organizations seeking to serve them.  As such, examples of Ergo’s reporting include personal stories and discussions with Somalis from all walks of life in villages, towns, displacement or refugee camps, and interviews with aid officials, informational announcements and programming of an advocacy nature.
Listeners can hear Radio Ergo every day across the region on shortwave at 1230-1330 EAT (0830-0930 GMT). Shortwave transmission is a key element of our strategy: in the absence of a national Somali public service broadcaster, and given the difficult political and security environment facing local FM stations in Somalia, shortwave is a sure means of reaching mass audiences across Somalia and the connected parts of the region.

The daily Radio Ergo programmes are also rebroadcast by seven local partner stations on FM.  These partners are Star FM, Radio Hurmo, Voice of Central Somalia, Radio Abud Waq, Voice of Mudug, Horsed Media, and Codka Nabadda.
The word “ergo” has great significance and resonance in the Somali language. It carries the essential meaning of mediators or envoys in the interest of people in need, and can also refer to those who mediate in conflicts.
On 1st July 2011, the service was taken over from UN OCHA-IRIN by IMS Productions Aps, a non-profit organization with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, and a branch office in Nairobi, Kenya.  IMS Productions Aps is a daughter company of the global media organization, International Media Support (IMS). IMS Productions Aps is supported by an Advisory Board of international NGOs and UN agencies working in Somalia, which seeks to maintain the radio service's position as a fair, balanced and neutral provider of information and as a common service for the humanitarian community. Currently, Radio Ergo is funded in large part by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) and the Common Humanitarian Fund for Somalia (CHF).

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