Saturday, September 29, 2012


Radio Tirana-Albania: 11985 kHz, 1400 hrs
to 1430 hrs GMT log on 14th December,
1976 for English language broadcast to
South East Asia.

Address: Radio Tirana,
                Foreign Section,
                Rue Ismail Quemal,
                Tirana, Albania.

China Radio International via Cerrik, Albania: 6020 kHz in English at 0135 hrs to 0201 hrs UTC log on 16th July, 2014 and f/d QSL card with beautiful Stickers arrived on 26th August, 2014 for my email report.

Address: English Service,                                                             E-mail:
                China Radio International,
                P.O.Box 4216, Beijing,
                Peoples REpublic of China 100040.

Radio Tirana - Shijak, Albania: 7390 kHz in Albanian at 0800 hrs to 0830 hrs UTC log this station on 26th August, 2015 and f/d QSL card arrived on 23rd September, 2015 for my email report to:

Address: Radio Tirana,
                External Service,
                Rruga Ismali Nr. 11,
                Tirana, Albania.

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