Thursday, September 27, 2012


Radio Moscow via Jhigulevsk: 15185 kHz, 1000 hrs to 1030 hrs GMT log on 28th July, 1977.

Radio Moscow via Tula: 17880 kHz,
1000 hrs to 1030 hrs GMT log on 18th June,
1978 for English language broadcast to Asia.

Radio Moscow via Serpukhov: 17900 kHz, 1100 hrs
to 1130 hrs GMT this station log on 13th August, 1977.

Address: English Service,
                Radio Moscow,

Radio Moscow QSL cards

Radio Tashkent: 15115 kHz, 1200 hrs to 1225 hrs GMT log on 15th July, 1975.

Address: Radio Tashkent,
                Khorezmskaya 49,
                Tashkent 700047 GSP,

Radio Kiev: 31 meter band, 0030 hrs to 0056 hrs
GMT log on 20th July, 1975.

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