Universal Time Coordinated

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Greek Radio-Television: 7215 kHz, 2115 to
2130 hrs GMT broadcast in English to
Australia log this station on 1st February,

                Greek Radio-Television,
                16 Mourouzi Street,
                P. O. Box 36,
                Athens, Greece.

Voice of Greece via Avils, Greece: 9935 kHz in Greek at 0040 hrs to 0101 hrs UTC log this station on 12th February, 2017 f/d eQSL received on 13th Februarym 2017 for email report to: dgazidellis@ert.gr

Address: Voice of Greece,
                432 Messoghion Av,
                15342 Aghia Paraskevi,
                Athens, Greece.

Voice of Greece via Avils, Greece: 9420 kHz in Greek at 0631 hrs to 0650 hrs UTC log this station on 24th May, 2018 f/d eQSL received on 26th May, 2018 for email report to: dgazidellis@ert.gr V/s Dimitris K. Gazidellis.

Olympia Radio, SVO - Athens, Greece: 8424 kHz in CW mode log this station on 26th August 2018 and f/d eQSL arrived on 27th August 2018 for my email report to: olympiaradio@ote.gr

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