Thursday, September 20, 2012



Radio Seychelles ZCQ3- 1368 kHz medium wave, 1750 hrs to 1800 hrs local time log on 16th December, 1985, f/d QSL card arrived within a month. v/s Miss H. Denis (QSL secretary)

Address: Radio Seychelles,
                Box 321, 
                Union  Vale,
                Victoria, Mahe,

FEBA Seychelles - 11855 kHz, 1530 hrs to 1550 hrs GMT log on 5th June, 1978, f/d QSL card received after 16 days time without return postage. v/s Liz Scott (QSL secretary)

Address: F.E.B.A.,
                Box 234, Mahe,
                Seychelles (Indian Ocean)

FEBA Seychelles - 11890 kHz, 1530 hrs to 1550 hrs GMT log on 31st March, 1973, f/d QSL card arrived in 10 days time with beautiful stamps of Seychelles. v/s Mary Berry (QSL secretary)

Address: F. E. B. A.,
                Box 234, Mahe,
                Seychelles (Indian Ocean)


  1. That's my mother-in-law, Mary Berry. My wife grew up in the Seychelles, and her father was a broadcaster on FEBA radio from 1971 to 1977. Blessings and greetings from England.


  2. Hello All
    It is really nice to see and know about the Heritage property of the FEBA Radio Station on Mahe in Seychelles.
    The old FEBA Radio Station is now known as The Station. They have a lot of activity at The Station which is activity place with Homeopathy Wellness Center, Spa, a Holistic Cafe, An Art Creation Station and an Hotel. The Station is also the birthplace of Everglow Limited, one of the large providers of natural cosmetics to the Hotels in and around Seychelles. Visit them at

  3. I remember Mary Berry as a listener in Bombay in my preeteen and early teen years. She had such a pleasent voice and if I am not mistaken often obliged with music of the listeners choice. Invariably that must have been Abba or something similar.